Virtual Asgaard Kidding Day

Every day is Kidding Day! 

Check out the barn cams to see what's happening in the Maternity Ward and in the Kid Barn (click below)



Kidding update

March 31st Another very busy weekend and into the new week...the second surge!  We have had new births every day: 2 on Friday, 8 over the weekend and 15 since then, including quadruplets again, this time for Snickers (originally from @Sage Farm).  Oh and Donner was on the camera in the loafing area at 4 this morning with a male! Totals to date 37 does kidded with 77 kids including 44 females and 33 males - we are long females for sale...spruce up a backyard shed and come on over - $150 for a female between one and two weeks old, you can still bottle feed for awhile :)

March 24th Well, kidding activity has been too crazy busy since the weekend to even find the time to post an update.  We saw Cashmere, Satin, Halley, Sinead, and Whiteface deliver 8 kids and just this afternoon Sadie, Goat (yes, a goat named Goat) and Taffetta bring 7 more.  Totals to date: 24 does kidded, new kids: 22 males and 26 females. We took another group of kids out to the Kid Barn so the action out there will step up - take a look!

March 20th Walked into the barn early this morning to find Ennis with two kids, as well as Claire with one kid and another two to come and first time freshener Flannel with a birth in progress.  We (finally) saw two kids from Voyageur later in the morning..whoa! Count - 15 does, 33 kids. Emmie set up administrative headquarters in the barn.

March 19th 12 does have given birth to 25 kids - 13 males and 12 females.  News of the week: Sequoia had quadruplets(!) and we have moved the first group of kids out to the Kid Barn, watch the action:)


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