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Climate Change: An Asgaard Farm Quick Perspective
Climate change has been a hot topic for years in the sustainable and regenerative food production movement. At Asgaard, we always have this consideration at the forefront when developing and improving our way of doing things. Learn in simple terms how greenhouse gases contribute to this growing issue and how we're farming to limit our carbon emissions. The high prioritization of our soil health can even help take carbon from the atmosphere and deposit it back into the ground; this is called a carbon sink. 

Small Farms and Local Food Production
in the COVID-19 Climate
Join the Lake Placid Rotary Club as special guest presenter and co-owner of Asgaard Farm & Dairy David Brunner speaks on the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on his farm and other small, local food producers in the region. Learn how these resilient and dynamic businesses have adapted to meet the shifting needs of the community, and watch until the end to find out what you can do to support the special, vibrant food system in the Adirondacks. 

Grass-fed & Finished Beef

Have you ever wondered exactly what benefit grass-fed and finished beef has for your health over beef produced in the more conventional system? How about the planet, or the animals? Want to find out how Asgaard Farms works hard to create this triple threat?
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