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Posted 5/3/2012 2:22pm by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.

The "All Clear Ahead" bar is specifically formulated to give you clear, beautiful skin. All our soaps are made with organic, sustainably-harvested vegetable oils and pure goat milk from our herd, creating a creamy, gentle soap. This bar is boosted with:

Tea Tree Oil & Lemongrass Essential Oil-both natural antiseptics that fight acne.
Lemon Peel-a natural astringent that exfoliates your skin
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay-this lava clay draws impurities out of the skin

Come by the farm store to try a bar!

Posted 4/24/2012 10:42am by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.

Posted 4/17/2012 12:59pm by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.

Come celebrate Earth Day this Sunday, April 22nd at a special pre-season farmer's market hosted by The Golden Arrow Resort and Generations Restaurant in Lake Placid.  There will be food, music, entertainment and a local foods menu to follow at the restaurant.  We will be there, along with other great farmers and vendors, selling our award-winning farmstead goat cheeses--including a batch of our delicious fresh chevre that won't be available again until May!--pastured eggs, pork, beef, chevon, handcrafted soaps and even some of our wildly popular goat milk caramels.  If you've been missing some of these goodies and the fun of the farmer's market, come get your fill on Sunday!

Sunday, April 22nd 1-4 pm 

parking lot of the Golden Arrow Resort, 2559 Main Street, LP

Posted 3/28/2012 9:33am by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.
An Easter menu wouldn't be complete without a ham, so this year, make it a delicious smoked ham from the pasture-raised pigs at Asgaard Farm!  We'll be happy to supply you with a few tasty glaze recipes to try as well.
If you want to make your holiday cooking even easier, consider one of our inch-thick smoked ham steaks.  You can just heat and eat!  Even better - from now until Easter, ham steaks are buy one, get one half off!!

Store hours: Thursday 2-6 pm, Saturday 9 am-1 pm.

Posted 3/23/2012 10:12am by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.

A brief break to catch our breath and then the fun begins again with our second round of does due to kid starting March 31st!

Posted 3/11/2012 12:32pm by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.

Barely two days into our kidding season, and we've already got 17 little goats running around!  The kids are happily nestled in the barn while the next batch of expectant does take in some of today's gorgeous sunshine. Stop by this Thursday between 2 and 6 pm to see the kids in person (and pick up some meat, cheese, eggs and soap!).


Don't think you're gonna fit through that door, Honey!

Posted 12/20/2011 11:21am by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.


The Emerson House at Asgaard Farm & Dairy is available for your next Adirondack vacation.  Come experience life at the historic estate of Rockwell Kent, well-known artist, writer, adventurer, political activist and farmer.

The Emerson House was designed and built by Kent in the 1930s, originally for his son Rocky. It eventually became the home of Gladys and Tink Emerson, who managed Asgaard for more than four decades and raised their family here. In recognition of their years of hard work and devotion to the farm, we have carefully renovated their house, so it can be appreciated and enjoyed well into the future.

Today Asgaard is a diversified family farm with a goat dairy and creamery at its core. Revolving around these activities are grass-fed and grass-finished beef together with pastured pork, poultry and eggs. You may be able to help with some of the farm work during your stay in The Emerson House, or you may choose to relax and watch from a distance. In either case, you will surely gain an appreciation for the sustainable agricultural practices that lead to healthy, delicious food. Kent devotees may also soak up the magic of the stunning landscape that inspired many of his paintings as well as the ambiance of his secluded studio, still on the property in its original condition.

Beyond the boundaries of Asgaard, the Adirondack region offers a wide variety of year-round recreational and cultural pursuits. Options range from world-class fly fishing on the Ausable River, Olympic skiing at Whiteface Mountain and spectacular hiking in the High Peaks to current and classic movies at the Champlain Valley Film Society, concerts at the acclaimed Meadowmount School of Music and tours lead by Adirondack Architectural Heritage. The area also boasts several fine restaurants with cuisine featuring local ingredients.

The Emerson House is fully equipped and available throughout the year for weekend and short-term rentals. Accommodations include two bedrooms and a full bath upstairs, a spacious entrance, sunny kitchen, open sitting room and half bath on the ground floor and a full basement with laundry facilities. There is a barbeque grill next to an outdoor dining area. Cheeses, meats, eggs and vegetables produced on the farm can also be provided.

Call or email farmstay@asgaardfarm.com to reserve The Emerson House for a vacation unlike any other.

Happy holidays!
from the Crew at Asgaard Farm

Posted 11/29/2011 12:17pm by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.
Beautiful gift baskets are making their debut at Asgaard Farm this season!  They are fully customizable and packaged in a rustic yet elegant reusable wooden crate.  We can include any combination of our award-winning artisan goat cheeses, handcrafted goat's milk soaps, soap dishes made exclusively for us by Sue Young in Jay, homemade goat's milk caramels, or our delicious pastured meats.  The price is our standard price for the contents of the gift package plus a flat fee of $10 for the reusable crate and packaging. 
See the photos below to preview some examples or come by the farm to begin creating your customized gifts.  We will have a small selection of pre-made crates with soap and caramels only at the Lake Placid Harvest Market on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM through December 17th.  Soap and caramels can also be shipped to your far-flung loved ones, either in our gift crates or in simple gift boxes.  Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
Happy Holidays!
Posted 10/20/2011 3:08pm by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.
Happy fall!

We have a ton (literally!) of delicious whey-fed pastured pork in our freezers.  Our pigs were raised on a diet 100% from our farm - whey from our creamery, sprouted organic wheat grown right here, and plenty of room to roam and root in the woods and pastures.  Come by the farm to check out our selection of:

Sausage - Hot, Sweet, Andouille, and Kielbasa
Bacon - cured and nitrite-free available
Hams & Hamsteaks - for an easy heat and eat meal
Pork chops, Sirloin Chops, Country Style Ribs
Rack of Ribs
Shoulder and butt roasts
Smoked hocks and shanks
Leaf lard - for the flakiest pie crust

And for the more adventurous cooks, we have heads, trotters, tails, hearts, liver, tongue, and neck bones.  Homemade headcheese, anyone?

Our pigs don't fly, but our pork sure does, so come by our usual store hours on Thursdays (2pm-6pm) and Saturdays (9am-1pm).

See you soon!
Asgaard Farm
Posted 9/23/2011 2:24pm by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.

You know you're farming hard when your summer newsletter doesn't go out until the first day of fall!  Here's a belated update on the happenings at Asgaard Farm & Dairy this past season.


Premier: Small Farm Rising

Mountain Lake PBS presents Ben Stechschulte’s exciting new look at small farms in the Adirondacks, with a focus on Fledging Crow, Essex Farm and Asgaard Farm & Dairy.  The movie will premier on Saturday, October 1st at The Golden Arrow Resort in Lake Placid.  RSVP TODAY to attend the event, or catch the movie on PBS at 9 pm on October 6th or at the Willsboro Central School on November 12th under the auspices of the Champlain Valley Film Society.


We're Animal Welfare Approved!

It's official - we've been certified through Animal Welfare Approved for our goats, cows and laying hens.  The AWA program holds the farms it certifies to high standards for the humane treatment of animals.  We are very proud to be recognized for the quality of life we provide for our livestock and know our customers can tell the difference.  Check out AWA’s website for more information at www.animalwelfareapproved.org.


Goat Update

Here at Asgaard, we know that healthy goats make the best cheese, so we stop at nothing to ensure the wellness and happiness of our milking herd, which is largely a function of what the does eat.  Goats are browsers, so in addition to grazing them on our organic pastures, we take them into the woods every day to eat branches, bark and all sorts of leaves.  Just to take our efforts a step further, we worked with a livestock nutritionist this summer to create a custom organic grain blend for our girls when they come into the milking parlor.  This supplement is specifically designed to compliment the pasture and browse our goats consume, so they can have a totally balanced diet and produce the very best milk.


New Calves

Our herd of Devon, Red Angus, and Hereford beef cattle continues to grow with the arrival of 9 calves this season.  The addition of these cute little guys is all the more reason to come take a tour on either Thursday or Saturday at 1 pm.  Kids, especially, love to see the baby animals so feel free to bring any little ones along.


Au Sable Valley Tomme is ready!

Rounding out our selection of farmstead goat cheeses is the return of Au Sable Valley Tomme – an Alpine style cheese made with fresh, raw goat’s milk and aged a minimum of 60 days.  It has a natural, straw-colored rind and delicious nutty flavor.  Our tomme is lovely served on its own with either a soft Pinot Noir or a bright Riesling.  Furthermore, it’s guaranteed to make your mac ‘n’ cheese elegant and unforgettable!


Meat Season Approaches

As the summer season comes to a close, we can heartily enjoy the fruits of our labors, including lots of delicious, pasture-raised meat.  We still have two more batches of chickens to harvest, one on September 29th and the last at the end of October.  Contact us to reserve your broilers, as we will not have chickens available again until June.  However, the first pork from our heritage-breed pigs will be coming back from the butcher at the beginning of next month.  We worked very hard to ensure our pigs had everything they could desire: meals of sprouted wheat (grown here on the farm) mixed with whey from the creamery, mud-pits to lounge in and huge parts of the woods to root up (although every so often the pigs managed to escape their fences and take a stroll down to visit the neighbors).  The payoff will be exceptional pork, which will be for sale during our store hours here at the farm.  In addition, as we did last year, we will be offering a winter meat CSA beginning this January.  Monthly shares will consist of pork, 100% grass-fed and finished beef, chevon, and pastured eggs.  Keep your eyes and ears open for more specific information in the next couple of months, but if you know you definitely want a share, send us an email since space is limited and it will be first come, first served.


Rent the Emerson House

If you’ve come to take a tour this summer, you may have gotten to see the red house adjacent to the back pasture with stunning mountain views.  Known as “The Emerson House,” this beautifully restored 1930s farmhouse will be available for weekend and short-term rentals beginning November 1st.  If you have friends or family coming to visit for the holidays, consider putting them up here.  They will not only enjoy comfortable accommodations in a gorgeous setting, they will also get to experience a real working farm.  It will be an unforgettable vacation!  Email farmstay@asgaardfarm.com for more details.


Last Farmer’s Markets

The farmers market season is coming to a close, with the Au Sable Forks market already ended and Keene Valley, Lake Placid and Saranac Lake concluding on October 9th, October 12th and October 15th, respectively.    However, your chances for getting farm-fresh food are far from over.  The Lake Placid market will resume on Saturday, October 22nd inside the LPCA annex and will continue through December 17th.  In addition, our farm store will remain open on Thursdays from 2 to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm all year round.


Thanks to everyone who made this summer great!

We had quite a busy and successful summer, which we never could have survived without the assistance of some wonderful interns and hired hands.  Although they have left us in order to return to school, both Garth Benway and Trevor Sheehan were a tremendous help, and we are fortunate to have Jenna Burgess, Claire Dilworth, and Caleb Ducharme on board until the end of the year.  We couldn’t have accomplished all that we did this season without the efforts of these awesome, hard-working people.  We also couldn’t have made it through endless hours in the creamery making cheese, or on the tractor getting up hay, or in the barn mucking out pens, or bent over the garden pulling weeds without the support of our customers!  Thanks for your ongoing commitment to local agriculture - we hope it’s as fun and delicious for you as it is for us!

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