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This is the simplest, purest cheese we make – no aging, no flavoring – so it is the clearest reflection of our pasture management, goat herd practices and, ultimately, our milk quality.  The texture is smooth and creamy.  The taste is mild and pleasantly acidic. This cheese is delicious on its own or as an ingredient in your favorite recipes.  Add a dollop to most any kind of salad. Use it as the base for a rich pasta sauce.  Or make Caitlin’s impressive goat cheesecake.  Perhaps the best thing about our fresh chèvre is that it freezes beautifully. This means you can stock up and always have a container handy whenever you need it.

Awards:  2nd Place, Fresh Goat Cheese, American Cheese Society, 2009; 3rd Place, Fresh Goat Cheese, American Cheese Society, 2010


Adirondack Maple Syrup – The lemony taste of fresh chèvre is perfectly balanced by the subtle sweetness of maple syrup.  

Basil and Garlic – Our best-selling flavor.  Available seasonally.

Basil Pesto – When basil is abundant, we make up batches of pesto and stow them away in the freezer.  Months later, when summer is a distant memory, we spoon some atop our fresh chevre to help rekindle those lazy, hazy, crazy days.  Available seasonally.

Chives – This flavored chèvre has a devoted following.  Available seasonally.  

Dill – Delicious on a bagel with lox, capers and thin red onions.  Available seasonally. 

Garlic, Cilantro and Hot Peppers – A south-of-the-border flavor inspired by our good friend and cilantro fiend Wayne Ignatuk.  Available seasonally.  

Olive Oil and Cracked Pepper – Serve with cocktails on some tasty bread or a savory cracker.  

**We use maple syrup from South Meadow Farm in Lake Placid.  

Garlic, herbs and hot peppers come from our very own garden.  Occasionally we get these ingredients from other local farms.  

We source our olive oil from a certified organic grower in California.

The sea salt we use is solar-evaporated from the clean Pacific waters off the California coast.**



The name of this cheese combines the generally accepted English translation of the Algonquin word "Adirondack" together with the French word for "log" - the latter being a throwback to the time when French settlements dotted the region where Asgaard is located.  Not surprisingly, this "Adirondack Log" is cylindrical in shape.  A distinguishing feature is the vegetable ash coating upon which a fluffy white mold develops to create the rind.  Beneath this thin, bloomy rind is a cream line that widens toward the center of the cheese as it ages.  Its soft texture and earthy taste contrast with the interior paste, which is a tad chalky with a citrusy tang.  The result is a complex mixture of flavors and mouthfeel - at once tantalizing yet wholly satisfying.  Serve on salads, with a loaf of artisanal bread or alongside ripe pear slices.  Delicious with Loire Valley wines like Chinon and Vouvray.

Awards: 1st Place, Soft Ripened Cheese, American Dairy Goat Association, 2009; 1st Place, Soft Ripened Cheese, American Dairy Goat Association, 2013; 2nd Place, Aged Goat Cheese, American Cheese Society, 2016



With its striking pyramid shape, the Whiteface Mountain was named for the high peak that watches over Asgaard Farm. A soft-ripened cheese with an edible bloomy rind made with pasteurized goat milk, this cheese has quickly become our unofficial signature cheese. When it’s young, the cheese bursts with a complex flavor that is both tangy and buttery.  As it ages, the cheese oozes with a robust and lingering earthiness. The Whiteface Mountain pairs nicely with a range of wines - dry or sweet sparkling wines, crisp and fruity whites, and smooth medium-bodied reds. Available May through December/January



Our Greek-style feta is made from raw goat milk and aged for a minimum of 60 days. This bright and crumbly cheese maintains the light and clean flavor of a fresh cheese, despite the aging process. Packed in brine, our feta retains its moisture and has a shelf life of at least six months. Our feta is an incredibly versatile cheese and makes a great addition to a variety of dishes – salads, pastas, burgers, eggs and pizzas. The saltiness of our feta pairs well with a variety of libations from pale lagers and wheat beers to a bold Zinfandel.

Awards: American Dairy Goat Association, Second Place (2013); American Dairy Goat Association, Third Place (2009); American Cheese Society, Second Place (2009)



Our natural rind hard cheese is made with raw goat milk and aged for a minimum of 60 days in our own cheese cave. In the style of Alpine cheeses from the Pyrenees Mountains, our Au Sable Valley Tomme is our most complex cheese with a flavor that changes dramatically over time. While it is typically available all year long, the first wheels of the season have a mild nuttiness, while also being buttery and slightly sharp. Our end-of-the-season wheels have a much sharper flavor with a dense and firm texture. While not as sharp as Parmesan, our Tomme is great for shaving and grating for use in your favorite dishes. The Au Sable Valley Tomme pairs well with a light-bodied Pinot Noir or a more fruit-forward Cabernet Sauvignon.

Awards: American Dairy Goat Association, Third Place (2009)




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