Grass-Fed Beef

The mainstay of our cattle herd is the Devon. We chose Devons for their renowned foraging ability, excellent feed conversion, efficient frame size, lower maintenance costs, early puberty and conception, docile temperament and adaptability to our north country environment. Devons have always been a pastured breed.  They were never really pushed in the direction of grain feeding, so their genetics for producing high quality beef from grass are ideal.

We cross Devons to Red Angus and Herefords.  These latter two breeds share the Devon's traits for being easy to handle and well suited to our local climate.  They are also somewhat faster growing and amply developed in the regions of valuable cuts.  The resulting offspring have the advantage of hybrid vigor and typically possess the best qualities of both breeds.

Our cattle are totally grass-fed and grass-finished.  We rotate them to fresh, organically managed pasture everyday during the growing season.  In the winter we feed them hay baled here on the farm or purchased from trusted local sources.  Meat from animals raised in this way has been shown to be healthier:  lower in total fat, calories and cholesterol and higher in omega-3s, CLAs, antioxidants and a variety of vitamins.

A year-round supply of beef is available as part of our meat CSA.  We also sell a full range of cuts at our farm store.  The best selections are between late July and the early part of winter when market-ready animals are carefully finished and sent to the butcher.  A limited variety of beef cuts may be purchased at the farmers markets we attend and through select local resellers.

During the summer and fall of 2016, we will be able to offer beef by the quarter, half and whole.  If you have a freezer and want to always have healthy, delicious beef at your finger-tips, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to make a reservation for next year.  Here is a useful link with our pricing information.

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