Handcrafted Goat Milk Soaps

Everyone can benefit from using our handmade goat milk soap! Fresh goat milk is full of vitamins and minerals that help keep your skin clean and healthy. If you have sensitive skin or just want a creamy, moisturizing, all-natural soap, you will love our goat milk soaps.  All of our soaps are made with pure oils of coconut, palm, and olive, which revive the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.  We make a number of scents, including:

Natural:  For those who prefer an unscented soap, this bar is made with sweet almond oil and cocoa butter for an extra luxurious lather.

Lavender: Made with real lavender buds that exfoliate with each use, releasing their distinctive floral scent.

Oatmeal and Honey: A super moisturizing soap, the honey softens the skin and the oats exfoliate, leaving a warm toasty smell.  Made with local Adirondack honey and organic oats.

Gardener’s Soap:  This herbaceous soap is one of our most popular scents! The addition of olive leaf powder as a natural antiseptic and moisturizing avocado oil makes this soap ideal for your hands after a long day in the garden.

Farmer’s Soap:  An extra-moisturizing, super-exfoliating, ultra-cleansing soap—rosemary and peppermint oils energize and cornmeal scrubs away dirt and exfoliates.


If you’re interested in ordering soaps to be shipped, please email us at info@asgaardfarm.com or call us 518-647-5754.

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