Cloverfield, Rockwell Kent

Asgaard Farm and Dairy is the former home of artist, writer, adventurer and political activist Rockwell Kent (1882-1971).  Kent resided here from the 1920s until his death in 1971.  Asgaard not only served as the inspiration for many of Kent’s paintings, but was also a working dairy farm.   David Brunner and Rhonda Butler acquired the farm in 1988. After working several years to restore the land and buildings, they put the farm back into production in 2003.

"And there, westward and heavenward, to the high ridge of Whiteface, northward to the northern limit of the mountains, southward to their highest peaks, was spread the full half-circle panorama of the Adirondacks. It was as if we had never seen the mountains before."

This Is My Own, Rockwell Kent

Above: "Moonlight Sleigh Ride" by Rockwell Kent; Top Left:"Cloverfields" by Rockwell Kent


To learn more about Rockwell Kent's fascinating life and work:

SUNY Plattsburgh has an extensive collection of art, books, manuscripts, and other ephemera. Discover these works by visiting their online special collection.

The Rockwell Kent Forum is a curated website for Rockwell Kent enthusiasts, collectors, and all that are interested to share hard-to-find information and acts as a forum for discussion. Explore this resource to learn more and get involved!

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