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We have a productive herd of 44 milking goats, primarily Alpines with a handful of Nubians and Saanens in the mix.  Each year the does are bred in the fall and allowed to rest from mid December to the beginning of March.  During our busy kidding season, all of the dams' milk is heat-treated and fed back to the kids as part of our CAE-prevention program.  Cheese making gradually begins in mid April, once the kids are ready to be weaned.

During the milking season, the herd is rotationally grazed on our carefully cultivated pasture.  We graze with nutrition and health as our top priorities and believe that high production results from having a robust and thriving herd.  When they are not on pasture, the goats either enjoy a grain supplement in the milking parlor or high-quality first cut hay as roughage in their barn.  The herd regularly browses in the woods surrounding the farm.

All of the kids are raised on the farm, and they are afforded the same quality of life as our milking herd.  They are rotationally grazed during the warmer months and fed choice grain and hay.  Kids that are not kept for replacement or sale are raised for meat.  We sell a portion of our meat kids to Heritage Foods in New York City as part of their innovative program No Goat Left Behind.  We also have our goat meat available for sale on the farm, at area farmers markets and as part of our CSA.

We register all of our goats with the American Dairy Goat Association, and our herd is Animal Welfare Approved.

Please contact us for more information about the herd at farmer@asgaardfarm.com.



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