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Asgaard gets feeder piglets every spring from Steve Schaefer, owner of Adirondack Heritage Hogs in Lewis, NY. As the name of his business implies, Steve focuses on historic swine breeds that are accustomed to living and foraging outside.  Several of these breeds are threatened or endangered, mostly due to the shift toward intensive pork production using animals that have been bred to tolerate confinement. We raise heritage hogs so we can help keep these "real" pig breeds going, thereby ensuring genetic diversity and the long-term security of our agricultural system.

This year we have 20 pigs – Tamworths, Large Blacks, Gloucestershire Old Spots and a few crosses among the three. (Check out to learn more about the characteristics of these breeds.)  They are rotated through a recently logged woodlot, clearing the site, distributing fertilizer and rooting up the soil to facilitate new silvopastures that will eventually provide the rest of our livestock with shade and forage in the summer as well as protection from the elements in the winter.

Beyond what they find to eat in the woods, our pigs are given lots of whey from the creamery together with feed produced by another local farmer.  Occasionally they graze in the organic pastures adjoining the woodlot.  This diet combination results in meat that is super healthy and truly delicious.

A year-round supply of pork is available as part of our meat CSA.  We also sell a full range of cuts at our farm store.  The best selections are between late September and the early part of winter when market-ready animals are sent to the butcher.  A limited variety of pork cuts may be purchased at the farmers markets we attend and though select local resellers.

We allocate a small number of pigs to be sold whole or in halves.  If you have a freezer and want to always have superior pork at your fingertips, please get in touch with us early in the year.  Here is a useful link with our pricing information.



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