Pastured Poultry and Eggs


Our pastured broiler chickens are transitioned to an outdoor chicken tractor as soon as they are old enough to be away from their heat lamps.  A chicken tractor is a bottomless coop that we drag to fresh pasture once or twice per day. This allows the chickens to eat grass and insects while fertilizing the pasture and cleaning up after the cows.  Our chickens are processed right here on the farm.





 We have a diverse and boisterous flock of laying hens, made up of Australorps, Anconas, Auracanas, Buff Orpingtons, Wyandottes, and Rhonde Island Reds. Our pastured eggs are delicious and have that telltale yolk, brightly colored and springy, from days spent foraging for grass and insects in sunshine and fresh air.  The hens’ portable coop is moved every three days so that they always have fresh greens.  They also are fed a soy-free organic grain. Our eggs are an Easter basket array of light brown, dark brown, green, and white.




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